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New Addition to MGTTuning Exhausts

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MGTTuning is proud to announce the addition of Race Precision Inc. to its arsenal. RPI produces some of the highest quality Exhausts on the market and we now have them!

About RPI

RPI always test their products multiple times before selling them to insure the best possible performance. RPI thrives under their customer’s satisfaction and they always make sure to release the best products for them. Like us, RPI wants their customers to have the highest quality products for the cheapest prices.


RPI is located only in the United States. Without overseas imports, they are able to be involved in everything that goes on in every one of their U.S factories.


To encourage sales, we are granting our dealers a 25% off on all RPI products.

Link to MGTTuning RPI Products

For more information, feel free to contact Mike!




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