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Available Now: BMS 2015+ W205 C400 STAGE 1 BETA

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Available Now: BMS 2015+ W205 C400 STAGE 1 BETA

Here at Extreme Powerhouse, we are proud to have added another Burger Tuning masterpiece to our arsenal. 

This product's main objective is to increase turbocharger output by 3-5psi in order to produce the perfect amount of power while also increasing torque. How awesome is that? Another great feature with this JB4 is the increase in boost due to the appropriate re-scaling. 

Stage 1 works with all wheel drive as well as rear wheel drive models making it one of the most compatible products on the market. 

The installation of the Stage 1 is a very simple plug and play. All you have to do is connect the tuner to the four plugs located on top of the engine. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, the installation is totally reversible in the matter of seconds. But don't worry, you wont be disappointed. 

For any more inquiries, visit www.N54tech.com


  • C400• 2015+ W205


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