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AR DESIGN 535/640 N55 DOWNPIPES price drop!

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Order Link: https://www.x-ph.com/ar-design-535-640-n55-downpipes/

Extreme Powerhouse is proud to announce the fantastic price drop on one our best products available, the AR DESIGN 535/640 N55 DOWNPIPES. These DP have dropped from $629.00 to $584.00!

This is the only DP on the market with a large enough resonator that helps tame rasp and drone! The DP add much needed power while eliminating turbo lag.

The Hi-Flo™ 3" Catless Resonated Downpipes Feature:

Significant gains with tuning around 20+whp range

3" Race Resonators that help tame horrible rasp without impeding flow

100% hand crafted 304 Stainless Steel - flanges and O2 bungs included

CNC'd 304 Stainless V-Band flange.

100% TIG welded

Available with 2000°F ceramic coating (coatings come with a 3 year warranty against corrosion and rust to original owner)

Lifetime warranty

Unfortunately, AR Design do NOT grind/polish our welds as some other manufacturers do. They believe that grinding welds exposes a weakness in the weld and also compromises the strength of it. This is true as many experiments can lead to weld failure!


F06 640i Gran Coupé

F10 535i Sedan

F12 640i Convertible

F13 640i Coupe

Order Link: https://www.x-ph.com/ar-design-535-640-n55-downpipes/


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